I'm a natural sensualist. I've been a singer and dancer all of my life.  I created my alter ego/stage name, Scarlet Peach, and started pinup modeling way back in 2009.   Then, in 2011, I made my burlesque stage debut in Dallas, Texas at the Quixotic Theater.  Since then, I've performed all over the U.S. and even won Master of Tassels at the 2017 Texas Regional Burlypicks Competition. I specialize in exotic dance, pole dance, chair dance, and classic burlesque feather fan dancing as well as being a lounge style singer and blues guitarist.


This website is solely for my burlesque related news and information. Currently, my primary focus is on my new role as the lead singer in a jazz band - Rick Thomas and the Jazz Connection out of Crossville,TN. If you want to learn more about my music or my upcoming gig calendar, please visit my other website: Alicia Michelle - 'the Speakeasy Siren'.


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Scarlet Peach

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